8 Things to Do Before a New Tenant Moves into Your Oshawa Rental Property - Article Banner

It’s time for a tenant to move into your Oshawa rental property, which means it has to be ready for them. 

The move-in process can feel overwhelming if there’s not a consistent plan in place that will keep you on track and responsive to the needs of both your new residents and your property. We’ve put together a checklist of 8 things that you need to do before the new tenant shows up.

1. Change the Locks on your Oshawa Rental

First things, first – you’ll need to change the locks. 

This is a good idea from a liability standpoint and it also provides your new tenants with a sense of security. You presumably collected all the keys from your former tenants, but you have no idea how many people in their lives received a copy of that key. Make a new one. 

Another idea is to invest in smart locks. You can install a keypad or a digital lock that opens via app with a tenant’s cell phone. This may require an initial investment, but it means you don’t have to change the locks between each tenant. 

2. Repair any Damage and Fix Wear & Tear

Any damage, wear and tear, or upgrades that are necessary during the turnover period need to be completed before your new tenant moves in. Nobody wants to start bringing their furniture and possessions into the unit when it still looks like work is being done. Make sure all the paint and flooring is perfect. Everything should work and look good. 

3. Clean the Property Professionally

Hire professional cleaners to thoroughly clean your property before your tenant’s move-in date. You’ll want to show your new tenants that you care about the property and you have high standards for how it’s kept and maintained. 

4. Document Property Condition 

Conduct a move-in inspection so you can accurately and in great detail document the condition of the property. Take a lot of pictures so you’ll have something against which to measure the condition of the property at the end of the lease term. 

5. Discuss the Lease Agreement

You and your Oshawa tenants will need to sign a lease before move-in. This is a good opportunity to discuss your rent collection policy, how maintenance should be reported, and other important lease details. Set all expectations and share all responsibilities. 

6. Collect the Move-In Funds 

It’s important to collect the first month’s rent and the entire rent deposit (which cannot be used as a damage deposit) before the tenant moves into the unit. Make sure they’re paid in certified funds or electronically transferred. 

7. Create a Move-In Checklist for Tenants

Your tenants will feel the stress of moving, and you want to make things as easy for them as possible. Provide a checklist that helps them move through the process of settling in. You can ask them to sign off on the property’s condition, and you can also give them useful instructions such as how to set the thermostat and where to find the trash, etc.

8. Keep Your Phone On

Answer CallsAlways make sure you’re available to your tenants, especially as they’re moving in. They may have questions that need your immediate attention and response. Before moving in, they should have your contact information, including an emergency phone number. 

When managing the move-in process seems like a bit too many details to handle, we’re here to help. Working with an Oshawa property management company can ensure that nothing gets missed.

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