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Do you take tenant phone calls during dinner? Do you sacrifice family time to deal with issues at your property? Are you always running around fixing toilet seats, reinstalling broken screens, and meeting the plumber at your investment property?

If so, consider hiring a trustworthy property management company that will support a simple and happy lifestyle that yields tons of freedom: Investor’s Choice.

As property investors ourselves, we know what it’s like to deal with difficult tenants and worry about maintenance costs eating up the budget. That’s why we’ve refined our systems over the last 15 years to maximize profitability and reduce the risks for our clients.

Our clients are beyond thrilled. They’ve let go of the day-to-day tasks of property management and have used that time to grow their portfolio and meet their investment goals faster. They also go to all their kids’ soccer games and are at home every night to have dinner with the family. All because they know that Investor’s Choice is here to take care of their investments for them.

We collect rent, answer tenants’ phone calls, take care of all property issues, perform biannual inspections, test fire alarms, manage renovations, and provide our clients with a monthly income/expense statement for their properties. We even ensure that investors from out of town can get good deals in the greater Oshawa area.

With Investor’s Choice Property Management, you have experts that know the system on your side. We help you get back your life and your time. You can have the freedom to live life on your terms, and watch your business grow.

Give us a call and start your journey to freedom with us. Book a free investment property assessment today.

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We provide property management services in Durham and Clarington regions:






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