Preventative Maintenance Guide to Avoid Major Repair Costs for Your Multi-Family Oshawa Rental Property - article banner

Emergency repairs are expensive and while they cannot always be expected, there are ways to prevent those urgent maintenance calls from tenants.

Preventive maintenance allows you to get in front of a problem and avoid surprise expenses and deferred maintenance. Be proactive when it comes to caring for the systems, functions, and appliances in your Oshawa rental property while those things are still functioning. It will save you money and time and avoid a lot of frustrations.

Emergency repairs require costly labor. If you can avoid those types of situations which are disruptive to your tenants, you’ll provide a better rental experience and do a better job of protecting the condition of your property.

Annual HVAC and Air Filter Inspections and Service

Contract with a licensed HVAC technician to inspect and service your system at least once a year. This is especially important for Oshawa rental properties because winters are cold and long, and you’ll need to know your heating system is going to keep up with the demand in your investment properties. Replacing a furnace can cost thousands of dollars. But with a routine inspection, cleaning, and service call, you can keep your heating and cooling unit in good shape. You’ll extend its lifespan and prevent calls from tenants when the heat dies on a cold January day.

Part of the HVAC system that’s also forgotten is ventilation. This is critical to clean air and comfortable living environments.

Routine Roof Inspections Save Owners Money

The roof on your Oshawa rental property absorbs a lot of rain, snow, debris from trees, and direct sunlight. It needs ongoing attention and maintenance.

Have your roof inspected at least once a year. As your roof ages, consider having a professional roofer look at it to determine whether any holes or damage is threatening your property. You’ll want to be attentive to debris, sticks, leaves, and other things that may fall onto the roof of your rental property. This type of material may invite pests and it can also lead to moisture retention.

Seasonal Preventative Maintenance: Landscaping and Sprinklers

Lawn care and landscaping also needs to be part of your preventative maintenance plan for Oshawa rental properties. The appearance of your outdoor space affects the home’s curb appeal and your property’s rental value. Make sure the grass, trees, and shrubbery around your property are healthy.

If you have sprinklers installed or other irrigation systems, they should be tested regularly and drained before the winter freeze sets in. Have your vendors lined up for snow and ice removal before you need them.

Look for Leaks and Plumbing Issues

Any time you are in the rental property or a vendor is making a repair, check for leaks and plumbing issues. Water damage is some of the most expensive repair work your property can incur. Make sure there aren’t any slow drips under sinks or behind toilets or in tubs. Look for any indication that water is leaking around the faucets. Respond to repair requests involving water right away.

Property maintenanceThese are a few of the preventative maintenance strategies that will help you avoid emergency maintenance calls and save money on general rental property repairs. If you have questions about this topic or anything pertaining to Oshawa property management, please contact us at Investor’s Choice Property Management.