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Even with great tenants in place, you can’t be sure your Oshawa rental property is in good shape unless you’re inspecting it once in a while. Regular rental property inspections are important. 

This doesn’t mean you should be showing up at your occupied property every couple of weeks. You don’t want to invade the privacy of your tenants or become a nuisance. But, you want to get an idea of whether any maintenance is needed. We recommend you inspect at least three times in the course of a standard, one-year lease period. 

Start with a move-in inspection and end with a move-out inspection (or a renewal inspection if your tenant decides to stay in place). You’ll also want to do a routine inspection while a tenant is living in the unit so you can be sure there aren’t any deferred maintenance or lease violations to be concerned with. 

Why Move-In Inspections are Important to Oshawa Rental Homes

The move-in inspection is perhaps your most important inspection because it documents your property condition.

Be as detailed as possible during this inspection. You’ll want to document everything with pictures of floors, walls, ceilings, drawers, cupboards, windows, doors, and appliances. Invite the new tenants to walk through the property and make their own notes on the inspection checklist. This way, everyone will agree in writing to its condition.

Why Move-Out Inspections are Important to Oshawa Rental Homes

Your move-out inspection is important for two reasons:

  1. It allows you to hold your tenants accountable if any damage was caused by them or their guests. 
  2. It helps you prepare for the turnover process as you get the unit ready for a new tenant.

During the move-out inspection, you’ll be looking for damage that’s due to neglect, abuse, or misuse. Use your move-in inspection report to compare property conditions. If something doesn’t look right after a tenant leaves your property, you’ll have the evidence to demonstrate that. 

The move-out inspection is more than just a routine walk-through; you’re going to need to make notes and lists about what you’ll have to take care of before you can re-rent the home. 

When your tenant renews, you’re saving money on vacancy and turnover costs. Conduct a quick inspection before you agree to the renewal so you know your tenants are taking care of the property.

Why Mid-Lease Inspections are Important to Oshawa Rental Homes

Schedule InspectionSchedule your mid-lease inspection halfway through the lease period. 

This should not come as a surprise to your tenants. A strong lease agreement will reflect your plans to conduct this inspection, and you should also remind your tenants that you’ll want to get inside and take a look around. 

This is your opportunity to check for any unreported maintenance issues. You can also make sure your tenants are changing the filters, keeping the home clean, and taking care of the lawn or outdoor space. 

Look for leaks under the sink, and give the property a thorough check for anything that might need attention. Since you’re inside the house, you should also take the time to discuss any issues or concerns your tenant might be having. Look for lease violations, too, and address any problems right away. 

The most important reason to conduct routine rental property inspections is to protect your investment. When you don’t have time to get inside and inspect your property, contact a professional Oshawa property

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