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Converting your single-family rental property into a duplex can be advantageous economically. You’ll earn two rent checks every month instead of one. You’re also likely to increase the value of your property, and overall you’ll earn more money from it in the long term. 

However, there are logistics involved that are more detailed than setting up some drywall that divides one side of the property from the other. This is a large-scale project, and you’ll need to prepare for the costs, time, and contracting that’s required. You can turn a basement into a separate property or undertake an entire renovation that requires multiple inspections and a certification.

Surround yourself with experts before you undertake this conversion. We’re providing a high-level overview of what’s required so you can be prepared going forward. 

Oshawa Duplex Legalization Process

Specific legal requirements are involved in converting a single-family home to a duplex. First, you need to know if your property is a grandfathered duplex. There are two different dates that apply: 1994 and 2009. While the process is generally the same, the requirements moving forward will be nuanced depending on which date applies to your property. 

Once we now about your status as a grandfathered duplex, we’ll have clear requirements to legally convert your single-family home into the desired multi-family property

Steps to Converting Your Property to a Duplex

Submit ApplicationSpecific steps need to be taken, and we can help you navigate the process. 

First, you’ll have to submit your application to the city. This application must include all current blueprints as well as future blueprints. We have the professional resources to draw the blueprints if you don’t have them prepared already. Approximate measurements are okay; the city is looking for a general idea of what the property will become.

Next, you’ll have to schedule an initial inspection with the city. The inspector will visit the property and make recommendations. You’ll want to complete all the work outlined by the inspector. We can help you with arranging the work and completing the requirements. Our team includes outstanding relationships with some of the best local vendors and contractors. 

Once the work is completed, a licensed electrician will be needed to make sure everything is up to code. Then, three additional inspections will need to be scheduled. The city will conduct a follow-up inspection, and you’ll also need a fire inspection and an ESA inspection. The city inspection and fire inspection will be included in one report. The ESA inspection will result in two reports; one for the upstairs property and another for the downstairs property.

Finally, you’ll deliver all these reports to the city and your certificate will be issued. You now have a duplex property that can be rented out lawfully. Call your insurance company to let them know what’s been changed. Insuring a duplex is different than insuring a single-family home, and you want to make sure you have adequate coverage in place. 

Converting your single-family rental home in Oshawa to a duplex is a great investment strategy. We’d be happy to help you make sense of the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Investor’s Choice Property Management.