Investors and rental property owners have a lot of choices when they’re looking for professional Oshawa property management. We hope you’ll consider our team at Investor’s Choice Property Management. While there are many excellent reasons to partner with our talented team, today we’re focusing on a few of the things that set us apart from other management companies.

Property Owners Trust Our Mission and Values

When this company was started in 2017, we wanted to bring a higher standard of leasing, management, and renovation services to Oshawa property management. We are investors too, which means we have the benefit of personal experience as well as professional experience when we’re helping you maximize the profitability of your investments. Our mission statement is pretty simple. We want to provide investors with a customized property management solution that reduces risk and maximizes profitability.

This mission drives every decision we make on behalf of you and your rental property.

Our core values support this mission. They are integrity, trust, professionalism, and expertise. Your investment property is in good hands when it’s managed by us. Not only because of our years of experience, but because we understand the unique challenges and liability that can come with owning rental homes.

We Guarantee Your Tenants – and Your Rent

Owners appreciate the peace of mind they get when working with our team. We understand how frustrating it is when rent isn’t paid on time, tenants break their lease agreements, or maintenance issues get deferred and unreported.

We have a program in place that guarantees your rent. Our tenant screening practices are detailed. We place residents that are well-matched and highly qualified. However, we know that even the best-screened tenants can sometimes run into unforeseen issues. There may be a sudden job loss or a divorce. Whatever the personal problem your tenant is going through, we don’t want you to face any of the uncertainty that can come with an unstable tenant. That’s why we provide a rent guarantee option. There’s less risk and more peace of mind. You deserve that.

We Invest in Resources

Working with us, you can count on the best in communication and service. Technology has helped us automate most of our services while continuing to provide customized and personalized Oshawa property management plans for our owners. With online tenant portals, your residents can pay rent electronically, which reduces late payments. They can also request maintenance online or get in touch when they need to reach us. You have an owner’s portal, too, which allows you to check on rental payments, review invoices, and run financial reports and statements that will help you make better decisions going forward.

Our investment in technology provides for better communication and more reliable systems. It also allows us to stay up to date on all the changes in laws and best practices. Working with us, you’ll partner with a team that’s well-educated on best practices and local rental requirements.

Rental paymentsThere’s so much more to tell you. We believe strongly in providing outstanding experiences for both owners and residents. To hear more, please contact us at Investor’s Choice Property Management